Executive Team

Daniel Guan: Co-Founder

Daniel is an accomplished CIO with extensive experience in the finance industry, specializing in quantitative trading strategies and high-frequency trading systems. Having spent several years at Wall Street banks Citigroup and JPMorgan, Daniel has acquired a deep understanding of the financial markets and has honed his skills in creating and implementing advanced trading algorithms.

As a former manager of a global quantitative fund, he successfully oversaw assets under management exceeding $1 billion, showcasing his exceptional leadership and strategic thinking abilities.

Daniel's strong academic background includes a PhD in Physics and an MS in Finance from a prestigious university in the United States, as well as a BS in Physics from a top-tier university in China. This unique blend of education in both physics and finance has enabled him to apply complex mathematical models to financial market analysis, resulting in consistent, profitable outcomes.

Overall, Daniel's expertise in quantitative trading and high-frequency systems, coupled with his strong academic foundation and industry experience, make him an invaluable asset as a CIO.

  • 15+ years of experience in Quantitative Trading at Citigroup and JP Morgan.

  • Managed a proprietary Quant Strategy with $1.4B AUM.

  • PhD in Physics from UIUC in USA

Michal Horvath: Co-Founder

Michal's involvement in the Web3 sphere was initiated seven years ago, in October 2016, when he was introduced to distributed ledger technologies and the backing technology behind Bitcoin. The Blockchain. His fascination for the tech and investment aspect has motivated him to share his passion with 300 live listeners during his local high-school TEDx event in early 2017.

Michal's passion for crypto has transpired into his close connection with the founding concept of Web3.Foundation and Polkadot. During the DeFi summer of 2020, Michal got closely involved with Blockchain Labs while studying a summer course at Harvard. Being near innovation, Michal started to angel invest in promising DeFi Projects, which later led to the inception of Catena Venture Capital in early 2021. A Venture Capital Fund that has invested in 33 portfolio companies. Michal has transitioned his Web2 marketing agency into a Web3 one, exclusively managing marketing campaigns and strategies for Catena's portfolio companies.

Catena has invested in and advised numerous Web3 Startups that went to launch on ByBit, developing a trusted track record with the exchange; ByBit has connected Catena to several quantitative hedge funds, one that stood out in particular, whose founder is now the co-founder of Kvants.ai. Due to the collaboration and creation of a Fund-of-Fund, Catena Quant was the main arm responsible for curating investment from the European & Mena regions that invested into the hedge fund strategy.

  • Founder of Catena Group 8 Years experience in Blockchain & DLT

  • Catena Venture Capital, Catena Marketing and Catena Quant

  • MSc in Digital Marketing from Kings College London

Roberto Lazar: Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Roberto Lazar focuses on front-end and back-end application infrastructure and architecture. Roberto will shape the company's technical direction with his deep grasp of technology and a passion for innovation.

His experience covers important application development topics, including building strong and scalable infrastructure for client-side and server-side technologies. Roberto's extensive understanding allows him to bridge the gap between user experience and backend functions, creating intuitive, engaging, reliable, safe, and scalable apps.

Roberto's professional highlight is creating and maintaining huge, high-availability systems. He views technology holistically and appreciates the need of integrating IT strategy with business goals to drive innovation and success in today's fast-paced digital world.

Roberto leads the technical teams, guides them through contemporary software development, and ensures the technological infrastructure is up-to-date and forward-thinking as CTO. His leadership and knowledge help the organisation stay ahead of technology and build solutions that meet and surpass market standards.

Dev B: Marketing

Dev joins us with extensive expertise and a track record in digital marketing as a former OKX marketing specialist. Innovative marketing techniques and campaigns increased brand exposure and user engagement in the competitive bitcoin exchange industry throughout his stint at OKX.

With a solid grasp of conventional and digital marketing, Dev specialises at building and implementing comprehensive marketing programmes that appeal to varied audiences. His ability in using social media and traditional advertising platforms has regularly led to consumer acquisition and retention success.

Dev excelled in using data to create creative, targeted, and effective marketing campaigns at OKX. His holistic marketing strategy integrates brand management and customer experience to generate captivating tales that build brand loyalty and growth.

Dev's unique thinking and ability to spot and capitalise on industry trends will shape our marketing efforts in his new capacity. He knows how to prosper in fast-changing company situations from his expertise in the digital asset exchange industry. We are thrilled to have Dev join us and look forward to his strategic marketing contributions to growth and brand awareness.

Heather Hu: Chief Compliance Officer

Heather Hu, Kvants' COO and Head of Compliance, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the company's operations and regulatory strategy. Her career highlights include being a Shanghai-based Ernst & Young Transfer Pricing Senior Consultant. Heather succeeded in managing complex cross-border financial transactions, which is crucial to Kvants' worldwide expansion.

Heather was a Beijing-based tax consultant with KPMG Advisory before joining Ernst & Young. She improved her tax compliance and strategic planning skills in her job, ensuring Kvants' financial initiatives are efficient and tax-compliant. An MSc in Financial Mathematics from Boston College gives Heather a deep grasp of financial instruments and risk management.

Heather, Kvants' COO and Head of Compliance, manages the company's daily operations and ensures regulatory compliance. She helps Kvants integrate compliance with its operations, which is crucial for fintech development and innovation. Heather's worldwide experience, scholarly acumen, and leadership abilities enable her to lead Kvants to operational excellence and regulatory compliance.

  • Senior Consultant for Transfer Pricing at Ernst & Young in Shanghai

  • Consultant at KMPG Advisory for Tax in Beijing

  • MSc in Financial Mathematics from Boston College


The team behind Kvants is approaching Web3 from a traditional quantitative hedge fund background, with the Co-Founder of Kvants having worked at CitiGroup, where he developed a systematic market-neutral strategy for equities, which has managed $1.4B in AUM. Having developed the entire algorithm infrastructure in 2019, when the cryptocurrency market signalled a strong fundamental baseline for volume accompanied by volatility. The benefit of owning the IP for the algo, it has been restructured to perform on digital assets. Achieving an increased return due to the algorithm's ability to harness market volatility.

The algorithm has since been refined, offering twelve variants to meet different institutional investors' risk appetites; it was launched on investor-managed accounts in January 2021 and has been averaging a CAGR of 70% since inception. The whole Kvants team comprises investment bankers, analysts, and quants from CitiGroup, JP Morgan, and EY. Additionally, crypto veterans come from a Web3 venture capital background.

With the increased appetite for alternative investment strategies within the digital asset industry, Kvants has come to inception to provide a transparent way to offer investors from both trades and DeFi backgrounds a platform for viewing the available quant strategies in a fragmented market. Kvants serves as the middleman between institutional-grade investment strategies and the everyday investor.

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