Selecting an AI-driven Quantitative Trading Strategy

Quant Strategies

Users can view the available hedge funds on our platform and their respective AUM in all combined strategies when selecting the appropriate Quant fund to invest with.

When selecting a particular strategy, the investor can read about the underlying factor model or mathematical underpinning that is used within the strategy to produce alpha and view its historical returns plotted on an easy-to-follow graph, where they can see the out-performance over the industry benchmark ($BTC) and the Sharpe ratio which compares the return of a strategy with its risk, enabling investors to select the trading strategies that follow their risk appetite.

Quant Strategy Index

If a user wishes to invest in a basket of quant strategies, they can invest in an on-chain or centralized ETF strategy that combines multiple trading strategies into one.

By diversifying the investment across multiple strategy types, the investor can benefit from a rational approach to diversification.

The three main strategy indexes that we offer on Kvants Plus+

Delta Natural - Allowing investors to harness alpha from the volatility present within the markets without being exposed to the underlying assets of holding crypto.

Smart Beta + Alpha - A smart long strategy focusing on the accrual of more underlying digital currency with a larger beta upside than just returning USDT. It can earn more BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, DOT or any other currency available on perpetual futures exchanges. Allowing investors to benefit from the alpha strategies' factor models, and the market's beta uptrend.

Long Only - A Smart strategy that focuses on beta returns of the market without any alpha components. Long-only strategies actively utilise a factor model that accumulates more of the underlying assets during downswings, which it predicts using the volumetric price models.

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