Introducing a new way to generate Alpha.

With the introduction of Kvants, there will be two new ways regular crypto investors can generate alpha. Adding to the previous archaic methods.

New methods introduced by Kvants:

Omnichain Quantitative Trading Vaults

Vaults that enable investors to allocate capital into institutional-grade quantitative trading strategies developed by mathematically sound Quant traders from leading hedge funds. Allowing for portfolio diversification and alpha-generating ways in which investors can outperform the $BTC benchmark.

  • Quant trading Indexes - Investment Vault consisting of multiple Quant Strategies

  • Quant Trading Strategies

  • Quant Trading Vaults

Market Making and Fixed Yield Vaults:

Investors can invest in funding rate arbitrage strategies that provide them with a stable yet attractive yield from funding rate arbitrage that can be harnessed on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

  • Fixed Income - Funding Rate Arbitrage

  • Market Making - Spread Based Strategies

  • Market Making - Maker Fee Strategy

Traditional available methods:


Investors can earn rewards by staking their cryptocurrencies in proof-of-stake (PoS) networks. This involves locking up crypto assets to support the network's operations, such as transaction validation, in return for interest or rewards.

Liquidity Mining

Similar to yield farming, liquidity mining involves providing liquidity to DeFi platforms, typically in crypto assets. Investors earn rewards, often in the platform's native token, for contributing to liquidity pools.


Crypto lending platforms allow investors to earn interest by lending their cryptocurrencies to other users. This can be done through decentralized platforms (DeFi) or centralized ones (CeFi), with varying degrees of risk and return.


By operating a masternode - a server in a decentralized network - investors can earn cryptocurrencies. Masternodes typically require significant upfront investment and technical expertise but can offer a steady return.

Algorithmic Trading and Bots

Investors can use algorithmic trading strategies and bots to automate trading based on predefined criteria, seeking to capitalize on market inefficiencies and price movements to generate profit.

Participation in ICOs and Token Sales

Investors may participate in ICOs or token sales with the expectation of the token value appreciating over time.

Index Funds and ETFs

Crypto and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) allow investors to gain exposure to a basket of cryptocurrencies, earning yield based on the fund's performance.


While less prevalent than in the early days of cryptocurrencies, mining certain coins can still offer returns, especially in networks where mining is feasible with reasonable resources.

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