Kvants+ Pro - Securitized Semi-Fungible Tokens

Included in the Phase 4 Roll-out

The Securitized Semi-Fungible Tokens, also called the sNFTs, will be a fully compliant and regulated security offering for accredited investors via the Kvants Pro+ section of the platform. Offering investors the ability to participate in monthly dividend-paying quant trading strategies. As supported by the market making, these strategies or funding rate arbitrage opportunities will provide investors with a stable investment yield.

As a marketplace, we utilize securitized NFTs to verify allocations in our quant funds for accredited investors. These tokens act as secure and transparent proof of ownership and investment, ensuring a streamlined and compliant process for participants. They embody our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance the investment experience in the Web3 ecosystem.

The semi-fungible tokens refer to fund allocation NFTs with a low circulating supply, representing a tokenized version of an initial investment into a quant fund. Since funds often come with capital lockup periods, tokenizing the subscription enables the investor to access early liquidity via the Kvants Spot Fund Marketplace. A securitized side of the platform for participating in close-ended quant funds. The Kvants Spot Fund Marketplace will serve as a Centralized Securitized Exchange for allocations into the quant fund algorithms available on our platform. Which pay out a monthly dividend, hence they would be considered as a security under the Howey test.

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