Regulatory Compliance

Kvants is committed to establishing compliant ways of advertising its alternative investment strategies within various jurisdictions by adhering to an approach that ensures adherence to local and international regulatory standards. This will involve thoroughly analysing each jurisdiction's advertising rules, especially those about financial services and investments, to understand and respect the nuances and specific requirements set forth by local authorities. We have established and engaged with legal experts and consultants within each region to ensure that all promotional materials and methods are effective and fully compliant with the latest regulatory directives. This includes clarity, accuracy, and the necessary disclaimers or risk warnings that inform potential investors of alternative investments' inherent risks and returns.

Moreover, the funds will implement rigorous internal review processes to monitor and evaluate advertising campaigns regularly, ensuring ongoing compliance and adapting to any changes in regulatory frameworks. Training for staff and continuous education about the ethical and legal implications of marketing in different regions will be a priority to foster a culture of compliance from within. By prioritising transparency, responsibility, and regional regulatory alignment, the fund aims to establish and maintain trust with investors and authorities, ensuring a sustainable and compliant promotional strategy for its alternative investment offerings.

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