Kvants App (Kvants Plus+)

The Kvants App allows investors to browse curated, verified and tested AI Driven Quantitative Trading strategies developed by leading hedge funds.

Kvants Plus+

The Kvants App, referred to as Kvants Plus+, provides investors with an investment-enabled marketplace for quantitative hedge fund strategies, offering investors access to sophisticated alternative investment strategies via fully compliant structure.

There are two ways in which investors can invest via the Kvants Plus+ Marketplace:

  • Centralized: API access for Centralized Exchanges

  • Decentralized: Omnichain Decentralized Pools for non-custodial investment

AI-Driven Trading Strategies

The niche of quantitative and systematic trading strategies Kvants aims to curate on the platform seeks to integrate the latest technological advancements and trade execution models that benefit from the prudent traction in AI and ML development.

Quant Fund Selection Process and Criteria

The Kvants platform has a multi-phase due diligence process for assessing each fund onboarded. The primary mandate is that the Quant fund must utilise AI to generate alpha to an innovative extent, creating future upside potential for its implication. With the advances in AI and ML algorithms developed by leading hedge funds, Kvants simplifies the investment process for crypto traders and investors looking for investment tools to generate predictable and high passive yields.

AI Driven Robo Advisor for ideal portfolio construction

Kvants Plus+ AI-Driven Robo Advisor helps investors navigate the complexities of quantitative trading strategies, helping investors pick the best trading strategy suitable for their anticipated yield and preferred asset trading to diversify their portfolio for emotion-free investing tailored to users' preferred risk appetites and investment return expectations.

Kvants Plus+ operates via CeFi and DeFi, facilitating HFT on Centralised and decentralised exchanges, offering a seamless and simplified investor experience, and reducing the barriers to entry into quantitative trading. The platform offers access strategies that can optimise their portfolios with algorithms and generate market alpha from previously unavailable avenues for everyday investors. All while mitigating the risks of emotional trading, network congestion, and high transaction fees often present in DeFi transactions.

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