How to connect Kvants to your MEXC Account

You can log in and manage the API or create a new API Key through:

Step 1: Enter MEXC official website.

Step 2: Choose [API].

Step 3: Click [Create] and complete the security validation.

Step 4: Remember your Access Key and Secret Key after completing security validation.


  1. The secret key is only displayed once. Please keep it properly, and do not upload it to any place such as GitHub or disclose it to anyone to avoid loss of assets.

  2. If you only need to conduct spot trading, you can just use it after creating API successfully.

  3. For security reasons, it is recommended to bind an IP to the API Key, and each API Key can bind up to 4 IPs. Fill in a single address directly, and separate multiple IP addresses with half-width commas, such as: 168.1.1,,

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