Our Mission


Kvants is a Decentralized Asset Management Platform offering investors access to sophisticated alternative investment strategies developed by experienced teams at quantitative hedge funds by finance professionals who often hold PhDs in Mathematics, Physics or other numerically based rationally derived subjects.

The primary mission of Kvants is to offer crypto investors justified rational yields with an inherent alpha accrual mechanism that provides crypto investors with confidence in the sustainability and robustness of their yield that can be generated within the Kvants ecosystem.

In effect, the $KVNT token, which is at the epicentre of the entire Kvants ecosystem, directly benefits from the platform increase in TVL (In dollars $) and the Alpha (Percentage returns %) generated by the quant strategies available on the Kvants platform due to profit-driven buy-backs and incentivized token economy design.


OmniQuant's technology, streamlines the integration integrate quantitative trading algorithms with blockchain platforms. This integration creates an abundance of market opportunities that are asymmetric and exclusive to the DeFi industry. By directly implementing trading strategies on decentralized perpetual futures (perps), hedge funds can access previously inaccessible market dynamics and liquidity pools.

The infrastructure of OmniQuant's connector servers is a crucial component. This infrastructure facilitates the efficient implementation of quantitative models by hedge funds on decentralized platforms. The procedure is executed efficiently and intuitively, mitigating the technical obstacles that have conventionally been linked to blockchain and smart contract technologies.

OmniQuant offers the capability to launch Omnichain DeFi pools. These pools are managed via smart contracts, which are inherently transparent, secure, and efficient. These smart contracts come with customizable parameters, including management, performance, and redemption fees. This flexibility allows hedge funds to tailor their offerings to meet specific investment strategies and investor preferences.

The OmniQuant Software Development Kit (SDK). The framework furnishes the requisite technological guidance and development parameters for quantitative hedge funds to implement AI-driven trading strategies on decentralized platforms. By addressing the distinct challenges associated with operating in the DeFi space, the SDK guarantees that hedge funds can effectively utilize their sophisticated AI algorithms in this novel environment.

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