Strategy Connector (Database + Smart Contract)

When connecting the pool or vault to the underlying strategy, a strategy connector contract is executed. The funded balance is forwarded to the database, from which the trading server registers the total funding balance = trading NAV and starts trading with the available NAV of the smart contract.

For Omnichain environments, the smart contract connects to multiple sub-contracts for the trade execution layer, while for the single chain, the contract forward the data to the database corresponding to the exchange account.

The third API Call Smart Contract for API Key Generation is activated upon successfully transferring funds to the dYdX account. This contract is designed to detect the deposit and then call the dYdX API to generate trading API keys.

After generating the API keys, they are securely sent to the trading server. This server configures these keys to connect the dYdX account with the predetermined quantitative trading strategy, facilitating automated trading based on the specified algorithms. The API Call Smart Contract automatically sends the created API keys to the Trading Server, hosted on Linux instances.

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