Funding Smart Contract

Two types of smart contracts function on the entry-exit side of the decentralized infrastructure.

Vault and Pool Subscription Smart Contract Parameters:

The first smart contract for pooling together investors funds has got predetermined parameters that are native to that particular fund pool, the predetermined parameters include

  • Quantitative Strategy

  • Maturity Period

  • Risk Profile

  • Performance Fee & Redistribution Schedule

  • Burn Address

  • Liquidity Lock

  • Accept Deposits: Allows investors to deposit their chosen cryptocurrency into the contract. It will typically include a function to specify the amount and type of cryptocurrency being deposited.

  • Track Contributions: Maintains a ledger of all contributions, recording the amount and the investor's wallet address. This ensures transparency and accountability.

  • Validate Contributions: Verifies that contributions meet certain criteria, such as minimum investment thresholds or adherence to regulatory compliance, if applicable.

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