Funds Operation Smart Contract

Fund Operations Smart Contract: This smart contract activates its functions upon receiving the funds. Key functions include:

  • Account Creation on decentralized perps: The contract is designed to interact with dYdX or any other decentralized trading platform. It automatically creates an account on the perpetual futures exchange for fund operations.

  • Fund Transfer to Perpetual Futures Account: The contract transfers the funds received to the newly created account.

  • Trading Readiness: The funds are now ready for trading or investment as per the predefined strategy of the fund.

The operational trigger for investment pools:

Once the predefined funding threshold is reached, this contract automatically triggers a transfer of funds to the Fund Operations Smart Contract. This transfer is coded as a conditional function that checks if the pool has reached its target amount before initiating a transfer.

Operation trigger for Vaults:

Since vaults function perpetually, the funds collected via a vault are automatically sent to the API smart contract, where they are deployed to trade.

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