Democratizing the world of Quantitative Finance

How Kvants aims to democratise an asset class previously unattainable by the everyday investor

Kvants provides investors with an investment-enabled marketplace for quantitative hedge fund strategies, the first of its kind, bridging the gap between the opaque world of highly profitable quantitative trading and everyday investors.

Currently, it is difficult to find the appropriate quantitative trading strategies as hedge fund markets are opaque, and not much information is accessible to investors who want to browse performances and compare which strategy best suits their portfolio. If an investor intends to invest in a quant strategy, they most likely must have been introduced to the quant strategy by a connect or a partner, often leading to intransparent echo chambers around certain fund managers without offering perfect market knowledge to the investor. Kvants aims to democratize this by creating the first-of-its-kind quant fund investment-enabled marketplace, where eligible investors can browse and filter strategies with verified track records from well-established quant funds.

Via the fully compliant Kvants feeder-fund to master-fund structure, enabling smaller investors to allocate capital into alpha-generating strategies that previously required minimum investments over $100,000, Kvants creates the perfect environment for testing strategies with smaller amounts before allocating larger portions into them, so the investors can self verify the performance of the strategy.

Kvants merges the TradFi investment landscape with DeFi by enabling investors and hedge funds to matchmake via decentralized, trustless smart contracts with trading enabled on DyDx, a decentralized perpetual exchange. Further, with the development of a ZK-Rollup, which allows for the hosting of quant algorithms on the Kvant Chain, an L2, designed to offer low latency quantitative trade execution models on top of DyDx without revealing the trade algorithms underlying alpha generating black box strategy.

The investment into any particular quantitative hedge fund strategy via the Kvants platform works in two ways:

  1. CeFi

  2. DeFi

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