Legal opinion for functioning as an Investment Enabled Marketplace

The legal opinion, prepared by our legal partners, clarifies and confirms the rights of Kvants Plus+ to market alternative investment strategies within specified jurisdictions. The legal opinion states that after a comprehensive analysis of relevant laws and regulations, the findings are presented with a deep understanding of Kvants Plus+'s business model, targeting the marketing of various alternative investments to a specific investor audience. We've considered each jurisdiction's licensing, registration, advertising, and investor qualification requirements, ensuring Kvants Plus+ meets all regulatory compliance standards. We've assessed Kvants Plus+'s operational, financial, and compliance frameworks through diligent review and due diligence, identifying any legal and regulatory risks associated with its marketing strategies. Based on the current legal and regulatory landscape, Assivo has confirmed that Kvants Plus+ is well-positioned to market its investment services in the respective jurisdictions legally, provided it adheres to ongoing compliance and regulatory changes.

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