Users who hold and stake $KVNT tokens are eligible to become KvantDAO council members. Benefits of being part of the KvantDAO:

  1. Participation in the Kvant Self-Improvement Proposal via integrated DAO voting.

  2. DAO members can participate in and cast council votes to determine the future direction of KVANT DAO.

  3. The KVANT DAO has the capability to vote on future algorithms and trading strategies that are Tokenised and onboarded onto the KVANT platform and offered to investors.

The KvantDAO will be initiated and utilized to vote on the selection of the forward direction of the Kvants ecosystem and platform.

A user can become a KvantDAO Governance Council Member by holding & staking a certain amount of $KVNT tokens which prompts them with voting rights.

The KvantDAO can vote on the next AI algorithms that are submitted for tokenization after the strategies get presented to the KvantDAO via a pitch from the analysts of the hedge fund strategy.

  • DAO Governance

  • $KVNT DAO Staking

  • 1 $KVNT = 1 Vote

  • Self Improvement Proposals

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